Welcome to the auditions & Tickets page.  This is the space we will use for all upcoming audition information & tickets for shows!  

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Hello Cinderella Peeps.  Here is some audition information for our HOMESCHOOLERS (5-18 years) exclusive show.

1.  Everyone who signs up is in the show.  So don't stress!

2.  Auditions for those that want to try out for a specific role will be on the first day of rehearsals.  It is a very chilled process, where we call them in and they can sing us a song of their choice in the style of the show.  We may also do a little read through with them.

3.  Please do not stress if they are shy and don't want to do it.  On the first day we also have activities that helps us place them in the right place for them and for the show.

4.  Let them listen and watch as much of the show and the music as possible before rehearsals start to help them be familiar with the show.

5.  Come have fun and watch them grow.

Listen to the show music here on YouTube 

Hello Campers (anyone 5-18 can sign up for camp)

1.  Everyone who signs up is in the show.  So don't stress!

2.  On the first day of camp we hold auditions for those that are interested in a specific role.  Those who do not want to audition will be placed in a role that best suits them and the show.

3.  Listen to as much of the show as you can before camp!  We usually send you a youtube link of a play list if one is available.  

4.  Camp is a full week intensive and fun theatre experience.  At the end of the week you get to see all the hard work and effort come together! 

5.  Come have fun and watch them grow.


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